Below you'll find do's, dont's and info about each session I offer.  I love keeping things simple and easy.  Sessions are held on location outdoors (weather permitting) or in your home.  Each session has the option to add a short video like the one below.  Make sure to click on the portrait section above for more photos.  Please contact me for questions and availability.  And yes, pets are always welcome! 

boise family photographer

Family Sessions

Let's play!   I'm happy to offer input on outfits and choosing the best location for you.  During different seasons I shoot at specific times for best light.  Trust me it makes a difference!  Contact me for details.

Do:  Bring bribes, I mean treats for little ones.

Don't:  Schedule a session during nap time or we'll all need one by the end.   


Engagement Sessions

Oh the feeling of falling in love!  I will be involved in outfits, props, and location as much as you'll let me!  My favorite time of day for shooting is evening.  Of course you can bring more than one outfit! 

Do:  Bring comfy shoes, we'll be walking a lot

Don't:  Forget to bring your favorite breath freshener.  I make you get so close you'll touch foreheads.  No really.  


Maternity Sessions

BABIES!  They're just the best.  We can do photos of just mom or both mom and dad.  Totally up to you!  I'll make sure to choose a location with minimal walking.  I got you.

Do:  Be ready for me to say things like "Ah this light is perfect" or "I can't" or "You look so good I kind of hate you".  I don't really mean that last one.

Don't:  Realize you've drank 6 bottles of water when we're in the middle of the foothills half a mile from a restroom.  (above when I said minimal walking...  sometimes I fib.)