Blush N' Beauty|Boise Makeup Artist

Meet Lisa!  She's the owner and artist of Blush N' Beauty, a local hair and makeup company.  I've known Lisa for a few years now, she's worked with many of my clients.  She's always wearing a smile and is fun to be around.  I love her and her work!  Be sure to visit her site  Here's what she has to say about her business:

Every wedding or professional job I have the opportunity to work doesn’t feel like work at all. I truly appreciate meeting new people and being a part of their experience. When I am with a client, they have my undivided attention and I feel I have a personal commitment to create the most amazing look for them. It is not just a career but a true calling for the work I am able to do and I am thankful and appreciative to all my clients and having the opportunity to touch their lives!
— Lisa Marie Schultz
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