Boise Boudoir Babe|Boise Boudoir Photographer

It's been too long since I've shared one of my beauties!  

Here's what she had to say:

I am SOOOO excited. I seriously look at the pictures like ten times a day. You did so good Jolene. I will definitely be referring everyone I know to you. Thank you so so so so much!  I just got the album! I LOVE IT. It turned out perfect. Thank you so much. I will definitely order prints after he sees it. :)
— Miss. Madi



boise boudoir photographer
boise boudoir photographer

Boise Boudoir Session|Snapshots by Jolene

One of my favorite clients, for real.  It's so fun to working with someone through all the most important life moments!  Engagement, wedding, newborn, family, and boudoir.  My dream.

What she had to say:

They are so beautiful!! You do such an amazing job. I love them allllllllll. Yes please use any you mentioned or any others. They all look so great. You really know how to capture someone’s beauty.
— Miss. Tennille

Boudoir Beauty|Boise Boudoir Photographer

Look at this beautiful woman!!  She was super fun and made me laugh the better part of our session.  She sent me the sweetest email about her experience shooting with me.  So appreciated and nice to hear.  I love my boudoir beauties.

What she had to say:

Ok so I just need to tell you thank you again!! You made me feel and look so beautiful in these pictures!! You were so kind and sweet during the photo session and I’m so thankful you let me be one of your portfolio “models”😊 Have an amazing weekend and I will definitely refer any of my interested friends to you!
— Miss. B

Subtle|Boise Boudoir Photographer

I made this little collage to show the variety I shoot in my studio.  Of course these aren't the only poses and scenarios I do.  These are all very simple, easy, go to poses that work for every body.  The slightest movements in your body can make a huge difference when posing.  A slight arch in your back, bend in your your arm, or the knee tuck as I call it.  All very subtle movements that really show your body beautifully.  Each one has a complete different look, feel, and conveys a different message.  Don't be nervous if you don't know what to do.  I DO know what to do and I will SHOW you everything.

Boise Boudoir Beauty|Snapshots by Jolene

Oh my goodness!! I've been working with some amazing women lately!  This beauty was so much fun, and so sweet to let me share some of her session with you.  I love her.

What she had to say:

Thanks for being so easy to work with and making me feel comfortable. I had a lot of fun! :)
— Miss. J

Boise Boudoir Bride|Snapshots by Jolene

This bride is STUNNING!  I wanted to share her entire gallery!!  I'm so happy she let me share a few.

What she had to say:

I love these so much that ten isn’t possible. I’ll have to do the fourty and then pay extra. They are well worth it. Thank you so much, these are prettier than what I ever could have imagined!!! Thank you again <3 <3 <3
— Miss. L

Boise Boudoir Photographer|Snapshots by Jolene

Just look at this gorgeous woman!  We had so much fun and I loved this little lace up number!

What she had to say:

Oh my gosh, I LOVE them!! I can’t believe those are all me!! Thank you so much!!! I got the book today!!! It was so beautiful!! I especially love the way you opened the book, definitely a show stopper! I got the book at 4pm and was able to get it to the post office before it closed! So it’s on its way to my husband!! Thank you again, it was worth every penny.
— Miss. L

Boise Valentines Day Boudoir|Snapshots by Jolene

Who doesn't love February?!  I know I do!  Here's a few from a session that's going to be a gift hard to beat!

What she had to say:

Omg, I seriously love them! You are amazing, and so fast! I can not thank you enough!
— Miss. A
boise boudoir photographer
boise valentines day boudoir
boise boudoir photography