Boudoir FAQ

When someone contacts me about a boudoir session I get the same questions more often than not.  So, hopefully I’ll cover some of your concerns here…

Q:  I’ve never done this before!  What should I expect?  A:  That’s ok my dear, most ladies haven’t… but hey, there’s a first for everything right? :D  I HIGHLY recommend stoping by so we can meet, chat and get any nerves you have out of the way.  I promise it’ll make the day of shooting much easier and more comfortable for us both.

Q:  Where will my session take place?  A:  I have a cute little studio in down town Boise.  It’s totally private and surrounded by food which is always a plus :)  If you’re looking for a style other then what I offer in my studio, there’s always the option to do one in a hotel of my choice, you just cover the cost.

Q:  Is hair and make up included?  A:  Hair and make up is not included in my regular session fee, but always recommended.  It can be added on or included if you book a larger package.  I have a couple fantastic girls that I will refer you to!

Q:  Can I bring a friend?  A:  Why yes you can!  Friends are fun to bring along for support.  I allow only one since there isn’t much room for more, and just ask that you bring a supportive positive friend!  It’s all about feeling great, no negative Nancy’s please! ;)

Q:  I have a mommy tummy, can you photoshop me?  A:  I work with lot’s of mommies, trust me I have some secret poses up my sleeve that will be flattering to your body.

Q:  I have bad skin, do you edit?  A:  Don’t you worry!   I’ve got ya covered! :)

Q:   I’m really not comfortable with X part of my body, do I have to be nude?  A:  Absolutely not!  Most of my girls keep some form of clothing on the entire session.  Your comfort level is the most important thing to me.  If I suggest something you don’t like, just let me know, all is good!

Q:  These photos are a surprise for my husband.  Can you please not share them on your site?  A:  I LOVE surprises!!  Whether or not I get to share is up to you!  Most of my beauties don’t want their gorgeous, sexy selves plastered all over town (it’s a shame really ;)) If there are any that I’d like to share I will approve with you first!  Most that I share don’t show my client’s faces for that reason.

Q:  How many outfits should I bring?  WHAT should I bring?!  A:  I suggest bringing three outfits (at least).  Really the more the better in case we’re not feeling one.  I do have a few options here as well as jewelry and heels that you’re more than welcome to use.  I encourage you to bring any jewelry, shoes, or special meaning items to use.  Don’t forget TIGHTS!

Q:  Will I get to see photos while we’re shooting?  A:  Yes!!!  I will show you a few during shooting to make sure you know how amazing you look!

Q:  When will my photos be ready?  A:  This depends on how busy I am around the time of your session.  I could have your gallery up as soon as the next day, in most cases within the week.