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Custom USB Drives|Boise Photographer

I just wanted to let past, present, and future awesome clients know of a new product.  In the past you’ve had the option to purchase a disc of digital images from me.  While discs worked great for a while, I’m finding that some clients have been experiencing issues with getting them to load, or having missing files, and we all know how easy it is to misplace or scratch them.  From now on if you’d like to purchase digital images you’ll have two options.

Option One:  You can purchase a digital download, which allows you to download all of your images directly from your online gallery to your computer.  It’s simple to do and the fastest way for me to get digital images to you.

Option Two:  You can purchase a custom USB drive.  I will custom order the drive for you, add your digital images, and you can pick it up in about two weeks.  There’s a plastic or wood option,  what you get will be a surprise as I like to choose what I feel fits the style of your session best!

Below are a few photos of what the custom USB drives look like.  I love that it’s so customizable and comes in a cute box for safe keeping!


New Zealand!|Boise Photographer

Did you know I went to New Zealand a few months ago?!  Well, I did!  I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet but I had an amazing time!  I’ve been out of the country before right after graduating high school (we won’t discuss how long ago that was).  This was the first time for my husband.  I think if you’ve never been to another country NZ is a great first place to go.  The culture is very similar to ours.  No crazy foods, accents, or climate.  Very easy to get acclimated within a day or two.

We left Boise Thursday March 27th, and landed in Auckland Saturday March 29th.  Skipping Friday and not getting much sleep on the plane was a bit rough.  If you get the chance to go to NZ, or anywhere that’s a 12 hour flight and are able to fly business class DO IT!  It was amaaaaaazing being able to actually lay down and sleep for a few hours.  I was totally impressed with the food, wine, and service.  We were seriously spoiled really.

My husband and I were on this trip with my dad.  For him is was a bit of a business trip, but he had a lot of down time to hang with us.  One of his friends (Steve) lives in Wellington and drove up to Auckland to show us the city.  I LOVED Auckland.  It’s so beautiful and has a great night life.  We had some really good food there and just walked around the harbor mainly.  We didn’t spend much time downtown, I wasn’t really interested in seeing tall buildings and tourists.  I wanted to experience more of the local culture… the food, the water, the boats, the docks.  We don’t have that here, and it’s what I miss most about CA & FL and don’t get to see the ocean often enough.  We stayed in Auckland for a couple days and then we headed South with Steve.  We just took our time driving to Wellington, stopping along the way in some really cool towns and little fishing communities.  Steve has a beautiful farm in Wellington with horses.  I forget how many he has now but it’s somewhere around 50!  We also met up with two other friends of my dads.  One welcomed us to their home for a wonderful dinner after taking us out on their beautiful yacht for the day.  The other also had us to their amazing home for the best dinner I’ve ever had.  You’ll see photos of that dinner below with a big prawn on my plate!

 Here’s a list all of my favorite places we visited with links so this post is’t a mile long. :)   We visit Huka Falls, Huka Prawn Park where we went prawn fishing for dinner!  The Waitomo Glowworm Caves which were absolutely amazing!  Although you can’t take photos so that was sad.  We stayed in Taupo for a few days which might have been my favorite place we stayed.  We took a fishing charter on Lake Taupo.  You’ll see some photos below that look smokey, it’s actually smoke from the volcano there that is spewing!  We stopped at Ngarunui Beach lookout which was so beautiful.  A popular surf area.  We took a ferry over to Devonport, a historic victorian village just across the harbor from Auckland.  We stayed at the Museum Hotel in Wellington which was interesting.  Very cool hotel with really crazy art everywhere.  We also ate at their restaurant the Hippopotamus.  It’s super fancy, super French, and super amazing!  We had an incredible 6 course wine pairing meal that I want right now!!

Below are some photos I took.  Some are just from my phone, I took my camera along but tried to enjoy the experience of NZ without that thing in my face so much.  Sometime it’s nice just to take it all in and not worry about getting great photos.  At least for me anyway.  I hope when you see these you feel like you’re on a vacation too!  Enjoy!

2013|Boise Photographer

A short slideshow of a few moments last year that make me smile.  :)  It was such a great year for me and I have so many of you to thank for that!  I’m looking forward to this year, meeting new people, and seeing some of your familiar faces!!


The Achleithners|Boise Photographer

Such a nice surprise getting to spend an afternoon with these two! I haven’t seen them since shooting their wedding over two years ago. So happy to see you guys!!

Bridal By Marie|Eagle Idaho Photographer

I shot the cutest bridal boutique last month! Bridal By Marie is a charming little boutique in Eagle that I just love. The owner Rosemary Lindstrom is so nice and great to work with. She does wedding planning/set up and even a photo booth as well. I’ve worked with her a few times and highly recommend her to everyone!

Antonia & Thomas Engaged|Boise Wedding Photographer

I loved working with these two!!  Antonia has such a contagious smile and laugh, something I LOVE during engagement sessions.  We shot on a perfect, hot, summer evening.  I’m posting this in October so I can safely say I’m really missing those summer nights.  These guys are getting married next Summer, I can’t wait to shoot them during another gorgeous summer sunset!


Ropers Go Camping|Boise Family Photographer


I’m soooooooooo so soo so in love with this session!  Stephanie is a local photographer and friend of mine.  I’ve been doing her family photos for the last couple of years (because she loves me) and was so excited that she wanted to do a camping theme this year!  Yes, I’m fully aware that I have an over sharing problem.  I just can’t help it!  I love this session and believe me I could’ve shared a lot more.  If you’re looking for a new born photographer Stephanie is your girl!  She specializes in those adorable photos that you see with babies in baskets and hats and rompers.  You can see here work HERE.  I love her family, they’re so silly and sweet and crack me up!



25 Weeks|Boise Maternity Photographer

Look at this gorgeous mommy to be!!!  She is 25 weeks along with her first baby, a boy expected to make his grand entrance this Summer.  We will be doing a serious of sessions to document her growing belly!  Daddy is deployed and she wants to make sure he’s able to see her progression and experience this pregnancy even though he can’t be here for most of it.  I’m just so happy she’s letting me document this special time in their lives!












2012|Boise Photographer

Get ready for a long post.  I have a lot to say but I’m not a great writer so I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet.

What an absolute amazing year I’ve had!  I’ve met so many new people that I’m lucky to call clients, some even friends.  I’ve fallen even more in love with my job and my life and have each one of you to thank for that.  I feel like my business is headed in the direction I’ve always hoped it’d go.

I’ve loved each family session more than I can express.  All of the giggles, tears, tantrums, fun, hugs and kisses, laughs, and loves… I truly love each moment.  Especially those ones where I catch you being you!  I call those imperfectly perfect moments, they are my favorite and I just adore them so much I can’t stand it!

 I’ve loved every single engagement and wedding.  Seeing love so new and exciting and being able to share such fun and tender moments never gets old.  I will screech with excitement over a perfect sunset shot, I will cry at each father daughter dance, and I will walk away with tired feet and feeling lucky after every wedding.  I might also stop for some fast food on the way home.  It never fails.

I don’t know what it is about real estate that I love so much.  I swear if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing I’d be in real estate of some kind.  I love walking into a brand new house.  Fresh paint on the walls, new hard wood floor smell, big windows, bright lights and me all alone to scope out the place.  I love natural light so much that I refuse to shoot houses any other way unless I absolutely have to.  I’m so lucky to have met some amazing agents that hire me from time to time so I can drool over their listings.  Don’t worry, I clean up before I leave. ;)

Boudoir.  These sessions have really taken over my business and I love it.  I never intended to love boudoir so much, somewhere along the way it just took center stage and I can’t get enough!  I’ve shot too many hotties this year to count!  I love the whole process of boudoir.  Meeting for the first time, talking about their session, picking out sexy little outfits, going over hair and make up.  The day of shooting is so much fun and full of laughs.  It’s always fun to see that moment… right when I show them that “wow” shot you can see the change and feel their comfort level rise.  That moment amazes me every time.  Those eyes start giving the “come hither look” as I like to call it, hair starts whipping around, fake laughs (if you’ve done a session with me you know what I’m talking about) turn into real laughs, clothing becomes optional, and the fun and  sometimes dancing ensues.  I just love seeing that transformation, and of course I love hearing what the boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, sisters, friends, and hubby’s all thought.  I have a feeling I’ll being doing even more boudoir this year and loving every second of it.

To sum it up, I guess I’ll just say that I’m one lucky girl.  Thank you to every client this year that supported me and my business.  Thank you all for being so kind to me and sending gifts, thank you’s, and referrals.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings!  I hope to see you all again this year!!!  I thought about sharing a photo from each session I’ve done, then realized they were mostly boudoir soooo I changed my mind :)  I decided to choose 12 memorable moments.  Not that I didn’t love each one, but for one reason or another these 12 had a special meaning to me.


Fall Family Special|Boise Family Photographer