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Mr. & Mrs. Kober|Boise Wedding Photographer

I love shooting at The Bishops’ House!  It’s one of my favorite wedding venues here in Boise.  I had so much fun working with these two on their wedding day and had forgotten how adorable they are together!!  Such a fun, special day.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kober!  Here are some of my favorite memories from your beautiful day!

Snapshots by Jolene 2014


Mr. & Mrs. Calixtro

Last weekend I shot another wonderful wedding!!  It was my first time shooting out in Wilder at Wild Heart Springs and I fell in love!  Such a beautiful venue, with the nicest owners.

I loved soooo many moments from this wedding!  A few that top my list… the fact that we had perfect weather (pretty much always my favorite thing),  Delila was there with me getting the girls all gussied up.  I just love watching her do her magic!  The bride and grooms adorable little girl wanted NOTHING to do with photos… except for taking her own with her pink camera.  During the ceremony there was a hilarious moment when a ring was lost in the grass (pictures below crack me up).  The bride and her father surprised everyone with a crazy fun dance mash up that included booty shaking, kung foo fighting, and tons o’ laughs.  There was also a surprise Hawaiian dance performance.  The reception had a total Dirty Dancing feel too it which I must say I LOVED.  I don’t think it was intentional, but I had so much fun pretending it was. :)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Calixtro!!!  Enjoy reliving your special day!




Mr. & Mrs. Johnson|Boise Wedding Photographer

This wedding was so sweet!!  We had an absolutely beautiful day, perfect weather with a slight breeze.  There were soooo many beautiful flowers and details.  The entire venue smelled of roses and peonies.  It was heavily!  Everyone was so great to work with and took such good care of me all day.  The vendors are some of my favorite people to work with (see list below).  I got to bring home a beautiful floral arrangement that’s still sweet as ever on my table as I type.  Gorgeous venue, delicious food, lovely family, stunning decor, fun music, and the love was present.  Just Perfect.  Thank you Jessi, Daniel, and family for having me!  I enjoyed every second.  Congratulations!!


Florist- Matt Johnson at Edwards Greenhouse

Venue- Barber Park

Caterer- Big Sky Events & Catering

Photo Booth- Funbox

Decor & Styling- Ira & Lucy

Cake- Greg Marsh Designer Cakes

DJ- Tyrell at Sound Wave Musc & Lighting Design





Rustic Love Wedding Decor|Boise Wedding Photographer

Any brides out there looking for rustic decor should check out Rustic Love!  Gena makes such cute pieces that you can buy or rent for your wedding.  Most pieces you could even keep and use as home decor.  I shot two weddings last year with her pieces that were to. die. for.  You can see them HERE and HERE.  We recently set up a little back yard wedding to showcase a few of her new and favorite pieces.  To find out more details and see more of her pieces check out her Facebook page Rustic Love Wedding Decor.

To Be Wed|Boise Wedding Photographer

A few days ago must have been one of the warmest days of the year!  I had the pleasure of wondering around with these two love birds and I swear I was sweating!  We had a blast shooting in such gorgeous weather!!! I have to give it to these two… they put up with my hair stuck in a tree, thorn in my foot, and running in circle screeches (those bees are always out to get me I kid you not).  I bet if someone was following us around they’d think I was a nut… and they’d be correct. :)  These two couldn’t be more adorable, I loved our session and can’t wait to be part of their special day.

Let’s Elope!|Boise Wedding Photographer

I got to shoot such a sweet, beautiful elopement today!!  What a gorgeous day it turned out to be.  Honestly, I wish every wedding could be just. like. this.  Free of stress, just about the love you share, no rushing, simple, beautiful, perfect!  Absolutely just what I needed today.  Enjoy!

Magical McCall Wedding|McCall Wedding Photographer

Soooooo I’m in the mood for some over sharing of love. Although, in my opinion that’s not possible. I don’t really have the words to express what a special wedding this was. It was so full of genuine love, laughter, kindness, and fun. Simply put… It. Was. A. Dream. I’m so glad to have met Nick and Chantel and their families. Sometimes you are just supposed to meet certain people. I’m so lucky to have been a part of their amazing day.

My bride did a boudoir session with me as a gift for the groom.  She let me sneak over and capture his reaction to her album! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Mallory|Boise Wedding Photographer

My first wedding of the year was wonderful!!  We ended up with great weather (yay!!!!) and the day was just perfect.  I loved all of the special touches and personal details… did I mention glitter, and twinkle lights?!!  Two of my favorite things to shoot at weddings, besides the bride and groom of course. :)  The ceremony was a beautiful half mass filled with laughter and tears.  The reception was a blast, I’m pretty sure every single person was on that dance floor most of the night.  So much fun!!  Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Mallory!


Daniel & Jessi|Boise Wedding Photographer

Ahhhh how gorgeous are these two?! And the dog just kills me, sooo funny! These guys are getting married in May and I can’t wait to work with them again!  I’m crossing my fingers their dog Bailey will be in the wedding. :D

Tyler & Krista|Boise Engagement Photographer

I had a blast shooting with these two! Man, we’ve been having such perfect weather it’s really making my life easy. And these guys…. can you say gorgeous?!!?!? They’re getting married later this year and I can’t wait to shoot them all gussied up :)